Sulphurize hydrogen

The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a chemical compound of sulphur and hydrogen which has an unpleasant rotted egg odor.

It is an acid gas which reacts with the basic aqueous solutions and metals such as the silver. This is why the silvery jewels blacken when they are lengthily exposed to the polluted atmosphere. The silver sulphide resulting from the reaction got a black color.

This gas can make suffocate the sewermen and is often associated to other odors in the marshland. The hydrogen sulphide is produced by the degradation of proteins containing of sulphur and is responsible for a great part of the fetid odor of the excrements and flatulences.

The hydrogen sulphide is naturally present in oil, natural gas, volcanic gas and the hot sources. It can result from the bacterial decomposition of the organic matter. It is also produced by human and animal waste. The hydrogen sulphide can also come from the industrial activities, such as the transformation of the foodstuffs, the water treatment used, blast furnaces, paper mills, tannery and oil refineries.

Physical characteristics

  • Chemical formula : H2S
  • Name : Sulphurize hydrogen
  • Another names : water of Martin
  • Appearance : Colorless gas
  • Molecular mass : 34,1 u
  • Melting temparature : -86°C (187 K)
  • Temperature of vaporization : -60°C (213 K)
  • Density of the gas (air=1) : 1,19
  • Solubility : 0,33g in water 100g
  • Temperature of spontaneous combustion : 260°C


  • Lubrizol, additives lubricating (2004)
  • Chevron Oronite (2003 à 2006)